Doll of the Week: Sumiko & Satomi

I am starting a new "column" Buy Google shares here on the site called "Doll of the Week."  I received an e-mail from a reader that said

Christina, I enjoy your blog but I wish you posted more about your inspiration and your dolls.  These are my favorite items and I want to learn more about them.  Thanks!

I tend to shy away from posting my dolls because I don't want to come across as some kind of plug-whore.  But it is indeed rare to get such valuable feedback (and if you know something you would like to see here, please let me know!)  so I am taking her advice and introducing you to some new members of the UmeOrigami family, Sumiko and Satomi.  These are two new dolls of mine that I have been procrastinating about photographing.

I see these two as a "big sister" and "little sister."  There are certain things that unite them: the sakura with green ribbon in their hair, the green and rust colors in their kimono layers, and of course the black patterned paper.  I totally dig this paper and it really caught my eye when I was shopping.  For some reason the combination of the yellows, reds, pinks, and greens remind me of some kind of island paradise.  Plus, it is rare to find black paper that doesn't come across as manly!!  Satori also has a paper ribbon how to invest in Ferrari shares in India obi which is something new I have been experimenting with as seen in the Tomodachi family I posted a while ago.  I like it because it has a wrinkled texture and gives them a little more three-dimensionality.

Sumiko was created first and her name comes from the Japanese for 澄 (sumi) "clear" and 子 (ko) "child."  I had a really clear vision when I made her and I knew almost exactly what she was going to look like even before I started physically creating her.  Satomi came afterwards and I have picked the characters for 聡 (sato) "wise" combined with 美 (mi) "beautiful."  I thought it would be a nice pairing since the older sister should be a little bit wiser!  

Every so often I create a doll (or in this case, two) that really stand out to me!  These definitely do the trick.  I am hoping to create a little more regularly so hopefully I can introduce you to a new "member" next week.  Thanks for tuning in! 


Happy Holidays and Kort Linden's Tea Motion

Wow...  When I saw the date that I last blogged, I almost fell out of my chair.  I had been so stressed out by the end of my semester that I think I rolled up into a ball and refused to come out once it is over!  I am writing from snowy Pennsylvania and I must say that it is wonderful to be home.  I will keep this brief since my internet access is limited, but I just wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday and great new year!  I will be in flight on my how to invest in PayPal shares in India new years, but I will try to have a glass of champagne nonetheless! #1 on my new years resolution (aside from the obligatory "lose weight") is to spend more time blogging on here!

Although my announcement is a little belated, I received a message from a reader, Kort Linden, who created an origami stop motion video for an internship contest.  I gave it a look, and I think you will all appreciate it as much as I do.  I really love stop motion origami because it gives paper-folding a whimsical touch as it comes into being without the visual interference of human hands.  The paper cranes in this short video come to life from the wrapper of a tea bag... Now if only I could get my own paper cranes to come to life and pour me a cup!  Kort needs more views to promote his video, so in the spirit of the holidays, please send some his way and spread the word. It is a really cute and artistic inclusion of origami!


New Packaging! What is Black, Red, and White All Over?

Those following my Facebook already saw the new packaging, but as you can tell, I am running about a week behind on everything!  These are the business cards that I received for hosting the last UPrinting Giveaway.  They are die-cut and I tried to utilize the shape of the card and have it compliment my logo.  I have been a long-time user and I just wanted to say that I was really shocked at the quality of these Uprinting cards.  Sometimes on Moo, my colors bleed just a little too much for some unknown reason (especially reds), but my whole logo turned out incredibly crisp and clear.  The cards have a great weight to them and the die-cutting looks perfect.

While shopping on Black Friday (yes... I braved the crowds!) I found that stickers at Michaels were 50% off... So I grabbed tons and tons in order to decorate my new cards.  Instead of having the flower in her hair pre-printed, I left it black to see what I could add on my own (and I am certainly glad that I did).  I found stickers for all occasions!  Snowflakes, flowers, hearts, pumpkins, bats, etc.  What a better way to get into the holiday season?  I also splurged on some red craft paper and black raffia to complete the look.

Over all, I think the new packaging really POPS!  Now I just need to find some coordinating paper to write my origami thank you note.  Every time I pack up an order now I have been getting a huge satisfaction from picking out which sticker to use.  Hey -- we need to enjoy the little things, right?


Thanksgiving: Folding Napkins, Dining Elegance!

Photograph by Karen WithakI cannot believe it is Thanksgiving already!  Things here have been so busy that the whole holiday just kind of "snuck up" on me.  Jon and I went to the store today to buy some holiday supplies (he is making garlic mashed potatoes and I am creating stuffing with sausage, apples, and cranberries!)  

I was going to post some holiday origami for the kids, but I wanted to try something different.  I absolutely love it when I go anywhere and napkins are folded into origami -- it gives it such a wonderful flourish!  So I thought what better way to ring in the season than to share some tips for Turkey Day napkin folding.  Folding napkins can either be really easy or really difficult depending on what method you are using, but in general it is pretty simple to make beautiful creations in only a few seconds.  I found this helpful video to get you started.  (The fan fold seems especially appropriate for Thanksgiving!)

How to Fold Napkins for Thanksgiving Place Setting -- powered by

Some other helpful links: How to fold a pocket napkin, how to fold a turkey napkin, how to make a simple lunch napkin fold


My Graphic Design Project & Contest

As some of you are aware already, these past few weeks have been incredibly busy on a number of fronts.  One of the biggest things preoccupying my mind is my decision to open up a graphic design shop to compliment my origami work.  I have always received many compliments on my work for this website and others, and I decided that this was just one more way for me to get my name out there.  I am not sure how easy it will be to successfully run two shops, but I hope I am up to the challenge.

The decision was a stroke of fate! was hosting a graphic design competition over at 99 designs.  I worked really hard day and night to create entries and I am really pleased that one of my designs won!!  Several of my banners will be featured in Zibbet's new banner generator.  I bit the bullet, bought a yearly premium account for my new adventure "Origraphix" (that combines my passion for "origami" with "graphics"), and set off on yet another new online journey.  The contest win has given me the seed money I needed to get started with this and things have been going well so far.  I am working on a series of premade sets, but I have custom listings available if you cannot wait!  In order to expand my portfolio, I have also started a contest for Premium Zibbet Shops for a SHOP MAKEOVER!  (See the button on the right-hand side!)

I have had several entires so far, but if you could get the word out, that would be amazing.  I will keep you all updated as I go!  I have not stopped folding origami, but sometimes it is nice to have a different way to flex my creative juices!